Demise of the Warblogs, Rise of the Antiwarblogs

by | Nov 1, 2006 | Stress Blog | 4 comments

Stress gets a mention by David T. Beito at the History News Network:

Little Green Footballs, once considered a leading warblog, has also moved on. Posts on Iraq, even of the “good news” sort, are few and far between these days. Instead, readers get a numbing update of every real or imagined “islamofascist” inroad in Paris or Minneapolis. LGF has said next to nothing, however, on the latest islamofascist inroads in the Iraqi or Afghan governments.

As the warblogs have lost their nerve, the antiwarblogs (to coin an ugly word) have gained credibility. They consistently opposed the Iraq War and have pushed ever since for rapid withdrawal. Several members of Liberty and Power have their own antiwarblogs including Radley Balko, Chris Sciabarra, Sheldon Richman, Wendy McElroy, Gus DiZerega, Roderick Long, and Gene Healy.

Other libertarian or libertarian-oriented antiwarbloggers worth mentioning include Jesse Walker, Arthur Silber, Jim Henley, Alina Stefanescu, Justin Logan, Karen DeCoster, and, of course, the members of Stress, LRC Blog,, and Liberating Our Heritage.”

Update: There are at least two pro-war idiot liberventionist posts on the front page of “Liberating Our Heritage.” Seems they’re in the wrong catagory.

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