Crime Pays

by | Dec 22, 2005 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

According to a report last night on ABC News about the government employee unions striking the transit system in New York City:

First of all the strike is over the fact that the Gubmint wants them to pay 6% toward their pension instead of the 2% they’re paying now.

And better, and what makes me feel like blogging is that the transit workers are already making an average of $23,000, which is above the government average of $20,000, which itself is far above the salary of the average private sector worker, $11,000. (these numbers must be less overtime and benefits.)

The lesson: That government work is much more valuable to humanity than voluntary acts are? No. The lesson is: If you want to get by in life comfortably, get a job for the state so you can hold people hostage if they don’t want to pay for your service.

Police Power = Job Security.

PS: ABC’s local NY affiliate puts these welfare cheats in a whole other tax bracket, than their betters said last night.

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