Council on Foreign Relations: US Should Leave Iraq

by | Feb 10, 2007 | Stress Blog | 3 comments


So does that mean I have to be for staying now?

Check out this great quote explaining why we’re beaten:

“there is no indigenous government to support on the battlefield and the rigors of combat must be borne by the outsider alone is too steep for democracies, especially in a world of globalized media. The United States does not have the same room to maneuver that Britain enjoyed in its counterinsurgency operations in Kenya or Malaya. The American public will eventually fault battlefield excesses or abuses inflicted in cellars—the ineluctable by-products of such wars—if the strategic goal is seen to be inessential.”

Darn public and their common sense of decency! Darn YouTube! How the hell can you build a foreign empire when your people are still free at home?! Something has got to give.

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