Catching Up on Patrick Cockburn on Iraq

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

Like I always say, Patrick Cockburn is certainly the best western reporter in the Middle East.

Here are his last few for the Independent:

Iraq crisis: Kurds winning the battle for self-rule as country disintegrates

Iraq crisis: Fears of partition grow as Islamists seize border crossing with Jordan and sweep towards Baghdad

Iraq crisis – the great unraveling: US and Iran need to work together fast, as the barbarians are at the gate (Can’t say I agree with that, but still it’s great analysis.)

As the Sunni terror spreads, the Shia prepare for war

Also see Patrick’s 5 part series about al Qaeda’s new generation from March. (Spoiler: Everything is George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama’s faults, the bastards.)



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