Announcing the Scott Horton Show’s New Relationship with the Future of Freedom Foundation

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

That’s right, the Future of Freedom Foundation is now sponsoring the Scott Horton Show!

For more than 22 years FFF president Jacob Hornberger has led his merry band of radicals ever onward in the pursuit of individual liberty, peace and justice in the world.

With greats like James Bovard, Sheldon Richman, Anthony Gregory, Andy Worthington, Wendy McElroy, Richard Ebeling, Bart Frasier, Tim Kelly, Richard Schwartzman, Laurence M. Vance and others, FFF has been showing that libertarianism is the way of the future, the only consistent philosophy of human rights, peace and prosperity for mankind.

I’m honored to be associated with such a great organization.

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