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Mark Stewart wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> I got this message when trying to post on your blog. So you
> courageous libertarian have blocked my address because you disagree
> with what I say. Hahahahaha. You are behaving like a text book case of
> Libertarian Fool.
> You said I am a troll and pretty funny to ridicule and can troll
> around here more often and then cowardly blocks my address. Your
> behaviour is so funny.
> / Error 403
> We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for
> /wp-comments-post.php on this server. /
> / Your Internet Protocol address is listed on a blacklist of addresses
> involved in malicious or illegal activity. See the listing below for
> more details on specific blacklists and removal procedures. /
> / Your technical support key is: 3b5c-996e-1366-73cd /
> / You can use this key to fix this problem yourself. /
> / If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact
> webmaster at and be sure to provide the technical
> support key shown above.
> /
> Anyway, Here is my response to your ravings.
> /Scott /
> /November 17th, 2007 at 5:04 pm /
> /Funny: Me, a rightwinger? Hehe. It must be so hard to be a Communist
> these days’¦
> /
> So you don’t even know the definition of rightwinger.
> Rightwinger is the one who supports property rights and who favors
> capitalism. You libertarians and LGF crowd and Neocons all of them are
> rightwingers.

/And then you try to steal my line about who ought to go work for the
> War Party. I’m sorry, but with your views on liberty and Dr. Paul, it is
> you and your commie rat friends who would fit in much better at LGF than
> anyone who hangs around here. You dumbass./
> So you know my views on “Liberty” because I dared to
> disagree with you. Very funny. It’s like saying I know your views on
> torture because you don’t support some democrat who opposes Bush’s
> Military Commissions Act.
> /And your stupid commie rat friend didn’t get a single fact right in her
> entire article. Another qualified applicant for the AEI/
> It was you who should get his facts right first.
> (1) Aura Bogado, Znet and me are not communists. We are leftists , yes.
> But not Communists. It is like calling the Crowd neocons.
> Of course you are rightwingers.
> Let me explain. It may be too hard to follow for someone like you who
> has a tennis ball sized brain. Just like there are several different
> divisions among rightwingers( Neocons, Theocons, Libertarians,
> Neoliberals etc) there are several divisions among leftwingers(
> Anarchists, Trotskyists, Stalinists, Leninists,Third World Nationalists,
> Feminists etc).
> (2) You and the rest of the Crowd have claimed Neocons were
> ex reds, that communists became neocons etc etc. You even provided a
> link to a Mona Charen article calling Charen as ex red. Mona Charen was
> never a communist. And Claiming all or even most neocons are ex reds is
> another blooper. It is like me claiming libertarians are ex
> slaveholders. A couple of Neocon founders were Communists half a century
> ago. Most of the Neocons are not and has never been communists. Some of
> them were communists when it was fashionable and profitable. Now they
> are neocons because it is currently in vogue. So Opportunism is
> consistent among them. Not communism or Israel.
> /PS: You’re pretty fun to ridicule. Please troll around here more often/
> This takes the cake.When the blog owner can’t answer the
> comments properly he just screams troll, troll , troll. Nutbar, Just
> check what the definition of Troll is.
> You can keep getting all mawkish over your “Doctor”. When I
> want some humor I watch some antics by libertarians. Since it is a
> cult religion for brain damaged geeks like you , It provides plenty of
> opportunity for comic relief.
> Bye Bye, asshole. It is fun reading your ravings.

——-My response: I don’t know how to block anyone or anything from this blog. (Perhaps someone else does and did?)

Commies HATE it when you get their sect confused. So, doofus here is NOT a Leninist, he’s actually a Stalinist or a Trotskyoid or… does anyone care…?

There’s much more to being a right-winger than property rights. Such as: The Leader Principle, endless warmongering, welfare for rich people, the State establishment of religion and on and on and on… I am not a right-winger, nor have I ever been.

Your views on liberty are obvious. You are a communist who hates it. I don’t know if Mona Charen is an ex-commie, but many of the neocons are ex-commies, not just a couple from half a century ago. Just from off the top of my head: William Bennett, (the now deceased) Jean Kirkpatrick, David Wurmser, Paul Wolfowitz, David Horowitz, Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Schwartz, James Woolsey, Elliott Abrams, Joshua Muravchik, Michael Novak, and most of the rest of them were taught by Strauss, an ex-Trotskyoid himself. Nevermind the “couple” from back in the day – Norman Podhoretz (funny, he’s still around), Sidney Hook, Whittaker Chambers, James Burnam, Irving Kristol etc.

I can see why the Commies and neocons both would like to bury this history.

Ron Paul is a “doctor”? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Anyway, boy, you sure showed me.

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