Angela Keaton’s speech to the L.A. End the Fed! rally 11/22/09

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When Nick Hankoff asked me to speak here today, I was immensely flattered..for a moment. Then I thought to myself, “Gee, just what the Ron Paul youth needs, an aging anarchist hipster “rotly” reciting the Austrian catechism, “sustained period of low interest rates, excessive credit creation results in a volatile and unstable imbalance between saving and investment — boom-bust. Boom-bust, boom–bust–cist-BOOM — BAH, counterfeit, fiat, fractional rah, rah , rah…”

We aren’t gathered here today to make Paul Krugman laugh, or Glenn Beck cry… or bemoan the the credit crunch or the housing bubble… or provide more fodder for any number of watchdog groups otherwise known as busy bodies.

But we are here about bodies.

The bodies of women and children who were ripped apart by tiny, precision-guided missiles. The first quarter of 2009, 687 innocent Pakistani civilians were blown to bits. Pakistan? You say? Our allies? Are we at war with Pakistan? It doesn’t matter. It certainly doesn’t matter to the dead.

According to Tom Engelhardt, a great American patriot, the Obama Regime has authorized more drone attacks in Pakistan in the first nine months of this year than war criminal George W. Bush did in his last three years of his reign.

But they are Pakistanis, right? Maybe the guy at the Quick-E-Mart but not quite real, not quite human.

How about this? How about your neighbor? Or your buddy from algebra class who enlisted probably in no small measure to the lack of jobs which have dried up between circus clown Ben Bernacke’s ball juggling routines. 4,364 troops have died either in combat or war related injuries in Iraq since March of 2003.

923 in Afghanistan — that’s just combat troops, not counting journalists, contractors or academics.

If that doesn’t make you stop what you are doing and start screaming into the ether, from January to October of this year, 134 active duty soldiers killed themselves. The soldier suicide rate has surpassed that of the general U.S. population. That’s not from some underground source or hidden knowledge — that’s straight from the Wall Street Journal.

Yet, the madness doesn’t stop.

Stanley McChrystal, that son of bitch, has depending what day of the week it is, has demanded anywhere 40-80 thousand more troops — troops, a euphemism for human beings the United States Government thinks disposable in the name of God, Country, pipelines, and appeasement of the other governments which receive USG hand outs. McChrystal asks for these bodies at a time when the accounted national unemployment rate is over ten percent. As of Friday, twenty nine states reports increases of unemployment. That should come in handy for him.

You are intelligent people. You have eyes and ears. You know that today is more than a protest of currency based on magic beans and wishful thinking. We are demanding that not one more generation of young people be sent back to their mothers in body bags. We are demanding that not one more dime of fiat currency be used to murder innocent men, women and children with whom we have no quarrel. We are demanding an end to imperialism based on our labor, our treasure. End the Fed is ending the violence inherent in THAT (points to Fed Reserve Bank) system. End the Fed is the end of Empire and Emperors who never once have to hear the screams of the dying.


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