13 thoughts on “Angela Keaton takes on the War Party”

  1. The Ever Enigmatic Foe

    Woo woo! Something tells me that Angela has no qualms about aiming her wit straight for the “golden target” dangling between RANTel’s legs. heh heh.

  2. Mace Price

    Well it ain’t hard to do these days. Did you hear The Decider today at his Press Conference?—This trip he managed to put both silver feet in his mouth with his boots on. I’ll bet his staff could’ve used some antacids after that memorable performance…or a couple gallons of Martinis one. To make a long story short—This whole bunch, and their war policy is on the ropes. 4 years, 2606+ killed, 20,000 maimed, Quarter Trillion dollars squandered, 18 Billion+ embezzled, and the destruction of the US armed forces morale later—All with no viable tractability demonstrated, nor even in sight: George Bush still hasn’ t put 2 and 2 together…Truth is I don’t think he ever will. It’s like he’s in a separate reality.

  3. Scott Post Author

    I’m writing about that tonight. I’m truly thankful that I only read the transcript.

    Angela did great. Now to the off-mic caller slander-fest.

  4. steve C

    I didn’t think things went that well on the show. As expected it was a 2 on 1 and Rantel was his usual sarcastic self. They kept trying to get her off track w/ analogies regarding stopping the Holocaust and if she saw an elderly neighbor getting mugged would she help. What if militant Islamists took over Canada and wanted to install nukes. I don’t think she did poorly, but she seemed on DEFENSE the whole time. Scott – Put the Neo Con Scum / and the Militarist Christian Zionists on the defensive.

    Q) If ISRAELI and the USA are such good friends why the hell are they spying on us. Larry Franklin. AIPAC
    Q) If ISRAEL is such a prospoerous democracy, why do they need 3.5B in US Taxpayer money every year (60% of which is a back door subsidy to the defense industry).
    Q) If we are a democracy (actually a constitutional Republic) when did the US Taypayer vote to give this $$/annum to Israel? Did I miss that vote?

    I’m really tired of you guys playing defense. Attack. Attack. Attack…….

    Digression: Putzing around I came across a site (anti-neocons.com) run by a Ryan (Ry) Dawson. He seems more like a Naderite, but I dropped him an e – mail and he mentioned knowing you. I also checked out a few radio interviews he did on an Irvine station called KURI.

    Steve C

  5. Sol

    I recorded it but their f’ing stream crapped out on me about 5 minutes in and then it took a minute or two to get the f’ing stream back so I’m missing a minute or two of it. Anyway, the first link below is the first 5 minutes and the second link is the rest that I was able to record up to the weird ending where what’s her name invited to take (kidnap?) Angela to Israel. Did the stream crap out for anyone else after the first 5 minutes? Did anyone else record it and get the part I missed?



  6. Scott Post Author

    I got kicked off once, but it was about 10 min into it.

    Steve – You’re right. She was good, but I think should have made a stronger case that they weren’t just putting Israel first, but actually hurting America by doing so. Spreading democracy around like the clap – that was funny.

  7. Mace Price

    “…Spreading Democracy around like clap.” Well, that’s one way to put it. But frankly clap is more physically pleasant at its transfer point than this brand of Democracy spread at the muzzle of an M-4 carbine…Meanwhile at today’s press conference: Some clever Journalist offers a perfectly timed question for The Decider, he asks him: “What did Iraq have to do with 9/11?” and, without thinking The Decider blurts out “—Nothing.” I mean Goddamn, that takes the proverbial cake. Personally I don’t see how he’s going to live a blunder of that magnitude down…The late night comedians are going to have a field day with that. Maybe he fell off the wagon.

  8. The Ever Enigmatic Foe

    Angela did as well as humanly possible under the circumstances. Her arguments were better than the tag-team, but RANTel and Ms. Ross. controlled the terms. She damn well held her own, though. Her use of the name AL is great, because it defangs him. It is better than calling him “sir.”

    One possible point Angela or anyone might make: Israel is not necessarily America’s friend–they look after themselves first…example 1….example 2…

    Another one…economic means almost always trump political ones (i.e., war) with superior solutions. For example, Hitler would have been irrelevant and laughed out of the Biergarden as a crazed syphillitic if governments had not ruined the peace following an artificially prolonged World War I. For example, if kids in Lebanon and the West Bank were prosperous and bomb-free from free markets, they would be running around with Ipods listening to Jessica Simpson and not the fanatical Imans. For example….etc. etc.

  9. barbarian

    good work angela. but, remember no one can have a logical debate with anyone that argues from a subjective and overly emotional position.

  10. Angela

    I should have said many things and will next time. Brian Doherty bitched me out for an hour after we got off the air. I blew off real prep for the LNC meeting in Denver. Three days with four libertarians, eleven nice people and two Republicans….G-d I hope we don’t fuck it up for Smithers.

  11. Shingo

    Angela, I know it’s a tough game, but you missed some golden opportunities to completely decimate the arguments of this pathetic tag team.

    1. Their arguments were almost entirely based on false assertions and conflating Sunni’s with Shiites, Hamas with Hezbollah.

    2. They mentioned of 12 thousand Hezbollah rockets, filled with ball bearings, while Southern Lebanon is littered with 100,000 bomblets (dropped in the last 72 hours) which are waiting to kill the first child that touches it.

    3. Ten times as many Lebanese were killed as Israelis.

    4. The war had nothing to do with Israel defending itself. Dan Halutz said from the outset that the Lebanese were being punished for not ridding Southern Lebanon of Hezbollah

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