Angela Keaton for LNC!

by | Apr 2, 2006 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

I read over on Steve Gordon’s blog that Angela Keaton is planning to seek an at-large seat on the Libertarian National Committee.

Now, mostly I’m the kinda guy who figures that if I just write and rant the right things, the rest of the world will just work itself out. I guess it counted as taking part in electoral politics when I was Michael Badnarik’s foreign policy advisor in 2004, but not really. It was education, with a specifically targeted audience.

Now, I think it is time to finally join and begin taking part – at least to some degree – in the Libertarian Party. My friend Angela Keaton has been a member of the LP her whole damn life, and she is as dedicated to liberty as anyone I’ve ever known. She needs support, and I want to offer mine.

I was happy to see that my friends Steve Gordon and Tom Knapp plan to support her, and I urge everyone who has concerns about the LP becoming just a watered down version of the War/Republican Parties to put aside your disgust with the organization in general enough to help fix the damn thing.

No one is going to vote for the Republican that they know is going to lose when they can vote for the Republican who is going to win a feel like they’re part of the winning team.

The purpose of the Libertarian party is educating people. Running candidates is part of that, but running Republicans in LP garb isn’t cutting it with anyone.

Angela is young, she’s hot, she’s smart, she’s a market anarchist, and I’m afraid that if the LP doesn’t start looking libertarian soon, the damn thing is going to just fall completely apart right when we need it most.

Anyway, here’s some of what Steve wrote over at The Hammer of Truth:

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