Anarcho-Leftist Election Analysis

by | Feb 7, 2008 | Stress Blog | 12 comments

A friend writes:

Romney dropping out shifts the situation rather drastically. It certainly gives the clearest lead to McCain, Huckabee won’t be far behind Romney and this leaves Ron Paul spinning in the wind where he neither gets to debate McCain, because McCain will simply deny him as negative unimportant, and losing less and less of the media attention. This makes me believe that if Dr. No runs on a Libertarian ticket, he’ll thus be in a different and more visible playing field–media all talking about a third party chewing away at both Demo and Reps, and place McCain in a situation where he’ll have to acknowledge Paul again. Remaining a Repo at this juncture harms Paul’s campaign. If he wants to continue having an impact, he should go Libertarian.

Also, since we’ve begun this presidential season so early this year, and McCain is leading, he’s kind of in trouble. There’s a long time between now and November. He’ll have no one to debate. He’ll just be running around the country and giving speeches, drumming up the same old support but by November he could appear stale, old, representing the old school with little to say to the public. Which helps both Obama and Hillary because they will continue debating and appearing as if (although it ain’t true) there are still two choices to be had in their party.

All of which means, I think, McCain just got throat cut and our next president is assuredly a Demo. We’ll see.

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