An Open Letter to Chris Matthews

Dear Sir,

I am writing you today because I think you and your investigative reporter, David Shuster, are two of the only men on TV news who might have the guts to step up and cover a very important story that is currently suffering from a near-total media blackout.

That blackout is deep enough that it’s likely you haven’t even heard that 2 new FBI whistleblowers have come forward – one named, the other still anonymous – vouching for the veracity of the claims of former FBI contract linguist-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, who is once again pushing – this time backed by more than thirty public interest groups – for public congressional hearings into her case.

One of these new whistleblowers, a 20-year veteran agent named Gilbert Graham, has revealed in a leaked letter [.pdf] to the Justice Department Inspector General’s office that the intercepts she was involved in translating as part of official FBI investigations into high-profile criminal activity in 2001 and 2002 were themselves illegal wiretaps on some very influential people – begun under authority from Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants when they should have been using the old-fashioned 4th Amendment kind.

I think that makes this story an official double-whammy.

Perhaps this lawbreaking by the investigators is part of why the Justice Department has waged such a battle against this courageous woman’s right of free speech and right to seek redress in court by using (abusing) the “States Secrets Privilege” to prevent her from saying what she learned during her part in the investigation.

Many current and former federal police and intelligence officials, Senators and Congressmen, and the Inspector General himself have vouched for Edmonds’s credibility. No one of significance has challenged her facts, only her right to tell us what they are.

Edmonds told me Wednesday, March 7th, in a joint interview with renowned intelligence reporter James Bamford,

“[I]f Congress moves forward and holds this public hearing, I can guarantee you that you are going to be seeing some major criminal indictments here because we are not talking about light-level stuff – we are talking about very serious criminal activities.”

From what I understand, this may be an understatement.

Why not invite her on your show?

I am certain she will be an energetic and informative guest, and there’s no doubt that your TV cameras will like her too.

Her gag order is severe, but she can say enough to set your man Shuster on the path to the story of a lifetime.

This link is to the .pdf file of the unclassified version of Graham’s letter to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s office.

Thanks very much for your time.

Scott Horton (from, not the world-renowned anti-torture lawyer)

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Chris Matthews”

  1. Ken

    America is approaching a critical point in history…

    These points come from time to and signal that change is in the wind. Great civilizations come and go from the scene and we are currently witnessing the departure of the USA from a position of world prominence; perhaps the shortest reign at the top of the heap in recent history.

    The pattern that precipitates these events usually follows a certain course. Gibbon outlined it well in his epic work “The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire”. America has arrived at the point where its “leaders” no longer bother to make much pretense as to their actions. Lust for power, greed and avarice are the primary motivators and serving outside (primarily business) interests has supplanted serving the electorate as their mission.

    It appears that all of this has gone to the heads of those who inhabit the halls of power and they are quite confident that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish with the proper application of money, coercion and brute force. Some of them have had a wake-up call with Iraq and Afghanistan but most choose to ignore the reality of these situations, preferring to ignore their constituents and to plow ahead with their grandiose plans for “regime change” in the Muslim world. Some take the position that now we have started this adventure we must complete it because America cannot be allowed to “fail” in the eyes of the world.

    The cracks and strain of all this empire business are beginning to show. A few examples are: Not enough troops and equipment to accomplish the so-called “mission”. Inadequate health care for the troops that are being chewed up in their leader’s wars of choice. No money and resources available for domestic emergencies. Failure to address domestic immigration issues. The exporting of much of America’s “smokestack” industries and middle class jobs over the past few decades. We could go on…

    Their choices are to keep stumbling down the same path we are presently on or to admit their errors and change course. An excellent article on the current mindset of our politicians is “The Four Unspeakable Truths About Iraq”. People who cannot or who are unable to admit their mistakes are people who are doomed to failure. America has already “failed” in the eyes of most of the world but most of our leaders are so self-absorbed that they fail to see it. Witness the reception Bush is getting on his tour of S. America. He and his handlers think that he is going to make a quick trip down there and patch things up so that American companies can keep “investing” in the countries that toe the US line. It is quite transparent to the peoples of S. America that Bush’s primary mission is to prop up the status quo of American dominance in their affairs. Bush, being the statesman that he is, has no idea of the absurdity of his quest and plows blindly on giving his speeches and addresses. I often wonder if he really thinks that anyone actually believes what he says anymore…

    This is perhaps the last practical chance for the American people to form a new political party and weed the carpetbaggers and scoundrels out of their government. It will require some visionaries and people with a lot of energy to combat the government-media-business Hydra that currently has a lock on the American political process. Time for people who make an industry of talking and writing about this mess to start actually doing something about it…

  2. Bobby Hill

    I don’t get this at all. Chris Mathews? The Whiffle Ball, uh I mean Hard Ball, Chris Mathews? I haven’t seen this guy for awhile but from what I’ve heard him say in the past he sounds like a mainstream media first class shill and lap dog for the Demopublican establishment and would never bite the hand that feeds him. I highly doubt he would ever have any of the people you mention on his show. I doubt he will even respond to your letter.

  3. Mace Price

    …I get the idea, given the fact that this debacle in Iraq is now entering it’s 5th year, with loses in dead, wounded and psychological casualties amounting to a Battalion per month; with projected costs now approaching $1 Trillion dollar mark…and the growing significance of—He, Matthews, may consider it, and if not now? Then later. However slowly; and this due in large part to the mixed message of the Mainstream Press you’ve denoted, the tide of consensus against the War Party is forming, and will coalesce by the 2008 Elections into action…It would be hard to come up with with an observer more bitterly pessimistic in terms of willingness to face the brutality of truth than me. facts than. But as I wrote previously, this no win war of occupation is inflicting the death of a thousand cuts on us. In the final analysis it is, again, a state of affairs and an imposition on the American people that cannot, and will not, be tolerated indefinitely…Thus I would say to Mr. Perle, Wolfowitz, Gates, Cheney, Feith et al: It’s either pay us now, or pay or pay us later

  4. MEP

    Not long ago I would have found the notion of “Tweetie Bird” Mathews touching this as highly unlikely and roll on the floor funny. However since Tweetie found out through the Libby trial testimony that ” the Dick” himself had called MSNBC to complain about his reporting concerning Scooter, the little bird has been much more agressive. I agree with Whig, KO would have a field day with this story, that is if Dan Abrams would let him. It’s worth a try!

  5. Mace Price

    …Oh oh—You don’t think Dirty Dick’ll take his figurative shotgun to Tweety Bird if he gets too brave do ya?…Tweety Bird Goddamn, you’re as bad as me. Anyway, humor, or what passes for it aside, I’d say Matthews might give something related a 30 second sound bite to close his show with, but this farther down the rising US casualty list. Olberman-Abrams? Nah, I don’t think so. Their producers have excellent memories of what happen to that conieving, snide little shit Bill Mahr when he allowed his ego and mouth to outrun his judgement for the sake of appearances…The appeal of Olberman on the other hand, approaches that quality of Stewart-Colbert. i.e., diluted, middle class, sophomoric irreverence/humor…Real undergraduate shit…

    …In other words trying to put this message over on the Networks, isn’t unlike trying to coax a girl to take her bra off at the Drive-in back in ’59…In what amounts to relaxing censorship by clever omission? Ya can’t expect too much too soon…This truth in jest we know as political humor shit goes back to the Smothers Brothers, who although they lost their show, where far more successful with their argument, and for reasons I’ll leave for you to discern…Go figure, I’d imagine your pretty good at it.

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