A.B. Stoddard Has Made a Mistake Regarding Ron Paul

by | Dec 26, 2007 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

I assume it was unintentional error, but The Hill‘s Ms. Stoddard seems to have gotten it wrong on the question of Rep. Ron Paul M.D.’s attitude toward campaigning.

Toward the end of this segment, where she, David Schuster and that other guy attempt to ridicule Paul’s position on the war over southern secession, Stoddard claims that Paul has admitted that he is “lazy,” a criticism which has cost Fred Thompson dearly.

But Ron Paul lazy? He’s always seemed like an over-acheiver type to me…

With a simple google search I was able to find the quote – and what was clearly a joke about his online success:

“We get criticized so much because we’re not going to enough states. Everybody wants me to come, and the problem is I’m just flat out too lazy. I tell them . . . can’t I just talk to them on the internet?”

I guess the truth isn’t too important when you’re on a bandwagon to marginalize the only man running against the empire.

(Jeez! Would you look at me defending a politician from the slurs of private citizens?! Only for you, Ron.)

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