A Letter to Soledad O’Brian

by | Nov 3, 2007 | Stress Blog | 24 comments

Dear Ms. O’Brian,

After your interview with Dr. Paul, I Googled his name and the word “flake” and all I found was one insult on FreeRepublic.com of all places and numerous references to Dr. Paul’s friendship with Congressman Jeff Flake.

This leads to the question: What are you talking about? Dr. Paul may be many things, but his voting record is consistent with what he says going back to the 1970s, he refuses his Congressional pension, refused his own party’s march to war in 2002-03 and has delivered more than 4,000 babies. Where in his character is this “flake” that “many people” say he is?

It is always a mistake to ask someone to defend themselves from a “many people say” question. If you want to ask him if he’s a flake, then quote someone calling him a flake. It shouldn’t be hard if there are so “many” people who say so.

Also, Dr. Paul is beating Fred Thompson in New Hampshire. I guess that makes this the perfect time to browbeat him about dropping out of the race.

Next time do a little homework and you won’t have to embarrass yourself so badly in front of so many people.

Scott Horton

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