A Cutting Edge Linux Desktop

by | Aug 30, 2007 | Stress Blog | 23 comments

Folks, this is what’s being done on Linux these days. My desktop is very similar to this. I don’t have all of these features enabled because I don’t currently have a powerful CPU, but this is a lot closer to mine than anything else I could find on Youtube. The window manager is called Beryl, and it is what is causing these effects, including the 3D cube (Skydome) effect and all of the neat things done with the windows. For all the hype about Vista’s “Aero” desktop, Microsoft could only do about 1% of this. Maybe open source really is better than proprietary? In case you’re wondering, this fellow is using Ubuntu, with the Gnome desktop, using Beryl as the WM, with what looks like full desktop effects enabled. The total cost of the software on this computer is $0.00

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