1st Stress-Cast (or) Oklahoma City Bombing Conspirator to be Set Free With the Rest of Them Update

by | Jan 22, 2006 | Podcast, Stress Blog | 1 comment

Michael Fortier, co-conspirator in the Oklahoma City Bombing, is being released.

What a sham.


Yesterday morning, that great historian of the Oklahoma City Bombing, JD Cash of the McCurtain Gazette interviewed me about the war on his radio show – how do you like that?

I don’t know yet if the audio will be available…

However, my interview of him from yesterday afternoon concerning the release from federal prison of the mass murderer Michael Fortier after less than a decade in prison – the first Stress-Castis available now here.

On the morning of McVeigh’s execution the president said it was all good.

Really, why should Fortier waste his life away in a cell when Andreas Strassmeir, Michael Brescia, Mark Thomas, Dennis Mahon, Cash’s mysterious Arizona gold miners, untold dozens, if not hundreds, of cops and informants who helped it all go down and the ones who covered it up are living the high life in the free world?

Equal justice under the law, right?

Previous Cash interviews here and here.


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