2/6/18 Eric Margolis on America’s permanent presence in Syria

Veteran journalist Eric Margolis returns to the show to discuss his latest article, "The Syrian Madhouse Gets Even Crazier." Margolis explains why Rex Tillerson's recent decision to maintain a long-term presence in eastern Syria has created an even bigger mess and how the Turkish-Kurdish conflict has come to a head. Scott then details the long history of U.S. support for and betrayal of the Kurds. Eric Margolis is a foreign affairs correspondent and author of “War at the Top of the World” and...

1/26/18 Joey Lawrence on the Turkish assault on Syrian Kurdistan

Joey Lawrence returns to the show to discuss the latest developments in northeast Syria, where the Kurds and Turks are facing off—with the U.S. potentially caught in the middle. Lawrence breaks down the Turkish strategy in the battle against the Kurds, gives his thoughts on the new American bases in Syria, and explains how the Kurds negotiate their relationship with the U.S. and what their longterm goals are. Lawrence then details the Turkish bombing of Syrian Kurdistan. Finally Scott asks...

9/6/17 Patrick Cockburn on al-Qaeda’s resurgence in Syria

Author and journalist Patrick Cockburn returns to the show to discuss his reporting on the heavy casualties in Mosul and why they've been underreported in the media. Cockburn explains how ISIS's guerrilla war tactics increase civilian casualties, why the Syrian Kurds fighting against ISIS in Raqqa have considerable incentive to extend the fight against ISIS, and discusses his latest article for the Independent on al Qaeda's power grab in Syria, "While defeat of Isis dominates global attention,...

Monday Mornin’ Coffee

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Sibel Edmonds Interview.

From electricpolitics.com via Luke Rylands blog. Connect the dots. According to the UN's latest report, under U.S. occupation 92% of the world's opium production comes from Afghan poppies. Most of the heroin going to Europe is manufactured in or transits Turkey. The exact value to Turkey of its heroin exports is unknown but experts estimate a range in the tens of billions of dollars per year. The neocons helped establish and remain closely associated with Turkish lobbying efforts in the U.S....

An Iraq at Peace with Its Neighbors

Well it was before. Now the Turks are bombing the north again (whether actually killing PKK members or not is in dispute) and war with Iran looms. Andrew Cockburn reports in Counter Punch Bush's new "finding" authorizing more covert support for anti-Iranian and anti-Syrian terrorist groups like the MEK, Jundullah and - irony anyone? - the PKK-allied Pejak. The Sunday Times says the military is renewing plans for strikes at Quds Force targets in Iran, a further irony since the Quds Force is the...