07/13/12 – Trevor Timm – The Scott Horton Show

Trevor Timm discusses his article "The NSA's warrantless wiretapping is a crime, not a state secret;" law enforcement's 1.3 million requests for telecom customer cell phone information last year; court rulings favoring privacy instead of the cops, for a change; and the effects of telecom immunity and the 2008 FISA Amendments.

11/30/11 – Trevor Timm – The Scott Horton Show

Trevor Timm, Activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, discusses his article “Cablegate One Year Later: How WikiLeaks Has Influenced Foreign Policy, Journalism, and the First Amendment;” how the WikiLeaks revelation of an Iraqi family’s massacre by US soldiers (and the attempted coverup with an airstrike) hastened the end of the war; why WikiLeaks deserves some credit for the Arab Spring, especially in Tunisia; who is and who isn’t bound by government classified documents; and the grand...