10/21/09 – Tom Hayden – The Scott Horton Show

Tom Hayden, author of the article 'Kilcullen’s Long War' in The Nation, discusses David Kilcullen’s advocacy for a global Phoenix Program, the emerging narrative that counterintelligence is just community policing and nation building, problems with making a 50 year war commitment in a (nominally) democratic country, Mullah Omar’s power sharing proposal and how useless wars are continued simply to avoid defeat.

05/13/09 – Tom Hayden – The Scott Horton Show

Former California State Senator Tom Hayden discusses the newest wave of think-tanks competing for influence in the White House, the U.S. trend of fighting generational 'long wars' instead of short decisive conflicts, the increased secrecy and ruthlessness Gen. McChrystal will surely bring to AfPak and how special operations forces use PR to maintain public support while behaving badly abroad.