Another Brilliant Left-Liberal Progressive Endorses Ron Paul

And for all the very best reasons too. Thank you Caleb Fritz. You are my very favorite kind of leftist; the kind who puts opposition to torture before calls for socialism. Opposition to torture is very important to me too. Also, Jeffersonian Democrat Jeff Taylor's CounterPunch endorsing Ron from yesterday.

Founder of Has Changed His Mind

He is now supporting Ron Paul M.D. Note that the interview he links to is the great one with that newspaper editorial board in New Hampshire — the one where he actually argues with the lady about abortion. Paul's position on this issue has never been a deal-breaker for me (not by a long shot), but I am very happy to see that grass-roots democrat types are apparently also able to say to themselves, "Hey, the guy's an obstetrician, I can overlook this disagreement and at least he's for...