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09/12/11 – Jason Ditz – The Scott Horton Show

Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses why Afghanistan continues to be a quagmire, despite claims of impending victory by NATO and the Taliban; failures in nation building and in staffing an Afghan Army – the two core justifications for staying on; killing suspected terrorists (or whomever) with drone missile strikes in Pakistan; inundating 9-1-1 operators with “if you see something, say something” false alarms; and the recent bombing in Quetta, Pakistan.


06/06/11 – Hillary Mann Leverett – The Scott Horton Show

Hillary Mann Leverett, former State Department official and co-founder of The Race For Iran, discusses her article “Misrepresenting the Iran-Al-Qa’ida ‘Connection;’” how US hardball diplomacy with Iran squandered an opportunity to acquire al-Qaeda’s “next bin Laden” Saif al-Adel; why the US protected the MEK even though the group was on the State Department’s terrorism list and fought with Saddam’s regime against US troops in Iraq; Iran’s cooperation with the US on terrorism issues (both countries had grievances against al-Qaeda), including official talks between 2001-03; Iran’s problems repatriating Egyptians and bin Laden family members capturing after fleeing Afghanistan; and how the US media misleads Americans into believing Iran supports al-Qaeda.


02/09/11 – Mark Rumold – The Scott Horton Show

Mark Rumold, the Open Government Legal Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, discusses the 40 thousand estimated FBI violations of laws, Executive Orders and other regulations committed during intelligence operations from 2001-2008; the post-Watergate origin of the Intelligence Oversight Board, and its severe curtailment during the Bush administration; Obama’s failure to change the government culture of arbitrary and excessive redaction of documents; and the encouraging (if probably temporary) bipartisan defeat of the PATRIOT Act’s reauthorization.