Patrick Henry updated, with Missiles

by Richard Maybury, from the Washington Times Commentary, Friday, March 22, 1985: [I]s there another Patrick Henry out there in the world somewhere? Has the lesson of the Pennsylvania flintlock been forgotten? Are the American and Soviet spheres of influence about to be shattered by small bands of revolutionaries using "unfair" weapons and tactics? For the idiots: No, al Qaeda ain't the Sons of Liberty in moral terms of any kind. This is just about weapons and power. Okay?

10/08/08 – Richard Maybury – The Scott Horton Show

Richard Maybury, author of the U.S. and World Early Warning Report, discusses the evolution of common law, the American Revolutionary revolt for natural rights, the 'divine right' of the majority, the importance of self-defense to a society’s freedom, the imbalanced offensive/defensive cost ratio, Osama Bin Laden’s strategy of bankrupting the American empire, how to profit from a libertarian understanding of money and power, the emerging second Cold War with Russia, the moral questions around...