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05/15/12 – Noam Sheizaf – The Scott Horton Show

Noam Sheizaf, journalist at 972mag.com and keeper of the Promised Land blog, discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s super-coalition government – the strongest since Israel’s founding; why Israel’s settler movement has nothing to fear from current political conditions in Israel and the US; how Israel’s citizens have lost interest in the West Bank occupation, much like Americans who couldn’t care less about Afghanistan; and why the occupation of Palestinian lands is best described as a joint Israel-US project.


April 18 – Today on Antiwar Radio

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Guests: Mel Frykberg, Noam Sheizaf, Nick Mottern

Today on Antiwar radio with Scott Horton:

Mel Frykberg will be on to discuss violence in Gaza. Read his latest piece here.

Bio: Mel Frykberg is a journalist with IPS News. He lives and works in Gaza

Noam Sheizaf will be on to discuss the Fogel family murders in Israel and the subsequent collective punishment of Palestinian settlers by the IDF.


  • Read Noam’s piece here
  • Read the latest here

Bio: Noam Sheizaf is an independent journalist and editor. He has worked for the Tel Aviv local paper, Ha-ir; for Ynet.co; and as deputy editor for Maariv daily news. His work is published in Haaretz, Yedioth Ahronoth, The Nation, and other publications. He currently publishes the Promise Land blog at 927Mag.com. Noam lives in Tell Aviv and served for 4.5 years in the IDF.

Nick Mottern will be on to discuss a little known bill that has passed, allowing for military drones in US skies. Read his piece here.

Bio: Nick Mottern is the Director of Consumers for Peace (http://www.consumersforpeace.org/), peace activist, and writer. He is frequently published at TruthOut, War is a Crime, Op-Ed News, as well as others.


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04/18/11 – Noam Sheizaf – The Scott Horton Show

Noam Sheizaf, journalist and keeper of the Promised Land blog, discusses his article, “Settlers’ murder investigation turns into collective punishment;” the apartheid system on display as the entire Palestinian village of Awarta is subjected to the whims of an Israeli army murder investigation; the mass arrests, beatings, property destruction and theft that ultimately caught two murder suspects and laid bare the myth of Palestinian independence and self-rule; and how the army protected the Israeli settlers who jumped at the chance to seize more land.