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10/21/11 – Nick Baumann – The Scott Horton Show

Nick Baumann, news editor at Mother Jones, discusses his article “Locked Up Abroad—for the FBI;” US citizen Gulet Mohamed’s secretive “proxy detention” in Kuwait where he was beaten and interrogated for weeks, apparently at the US government’s behest; other individuals subject to “rendition-lite;” and how to hold the government accountable when the state secrets privilege functions as a “get out of court free” card and the Department of Justice is asleep at the switch.


01/19/11 – Nick Baumann – The Scott Horton Show

Nick Baumann, assistant editor at Mother Jones, discusses the favorable court proceedings on behalf of Gulet Mohamed, a teenage US citizen detained and mistreated in Kuwait for a month, that may have him headed home soon; the clear Constitutional and legal precedents that prevents the government from banishing a US citizen (in Mohamed’s case, by placing him on the no-fly list, knowing Kuwaiti law demands deportation by a direct flight); FBI interrogators who won’t take “no” for an answer, and who lie about not being bound by US law while in other countries; the proxy detentions of Muslim American citizens, similar to the extraordinary renditions during the Bush administration; and Anwar al-Awlaki’s sentence in absentia in Yemen on a strange incitement to murder charge unrelated to terrorism.


Antiwar Radio 6/07/10

Antiwar Radio 6/07/10: Jason Ditz, Gareth Porter and Nick Baumann 12-3 Eastern time at http://LRN.FM/

06/07/10 – Nick Baumann – The Scott Horton Show

Nick Baumann, assistant editor at Mother Jones, discusses the Physicians for Human Rights study that alleges prisoners in CIA custody were used as guinea pigs, how experimentation with torture combinations was meant to bolster the legality and effectiveness of “enhanced” interrogations, the close collaboration of doctors and psychologists with CIA torturers, revised prisoner experimentation rules in the 2006 Military Commissions Act and how government-perpetrated barbarism seems to be the new normal.