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05/26/08 – Michael Schwartz – The Scott Horton Show

Michael Schwartz, Professor Sociology at Stony Brook University and author of the new book War Without End: The Iraq War in Context, discusses his latest TomDispatch article, “River of Resistance,” the true scale of the destruction of Iraq, various studies of Iraqi casualties, direct responsibility of the U.S. military for the majority of the hundreds of thousands of violent Iraqi deaths since 2003, the plight of the refugees and the dire poverty of many of those who remain, the West Bank-ization of Baghdad with life-strangling concrete walls, various past neocon fantasies about the position the Empire would be in by now, the complete destruction of the Iraqi economy by Viceroy Bremer and his edicts, the wreaking of the empire over the backs of the people of Iraq, the abuse of the term “free market” by American imperialists and leftists who oppose them and the responsibility of the major media in America for denying the humanity of those our government murders.


The Show: Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz will be the featured guest on the Scott Horton Show at Antiwar Radio, 12:15PM Eastern, Monday, May 26.

Michael Schwartz will be discussing his latest article on Antiwar.com, “River of Resistance.”

Michael Schwartz, Professor Sociology at Stony Brook University, has written extensively on popular protest and insurgency. His analyses of America’s Iraq War have appeared regularly at Tomdispatch.com, as well as Asia Times, Mother Jones, and Contexts. His forthcoming Tomdispatch book, War Without End: The Iraq Debacle in Context explores how the militarized geopolitics of oil led the U.S. to dismantle the Iraqi state and economy while fueling a sectarian civil war.

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