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09/22/08 – Robert Murphy and Mark Thornton – The Scott Horton Show

As part of Antiwar Radio’s week long series on the economic crisis in association with Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, Austrian School economists Robert Murphy and Mark Thornton discuss the financial crisis, the reasons why the alleged solutions will not only fail but make the situation worse, the naive mistake of trusting politicians to regulate the banks, how Fed-chief Bernanke claimed in 2005 that the mortgage industry was solid, the mystery of why Tresury Secretary Paulson’s former company Goldman-Sachs is one of the few survivors of this crisis, the question of whether this is fascism or socialism, the global scramble to dump the dollar, the pending dollar collapse when central banks start dumping American debt, the farce of the Republican “free-market” and the basic premises of the Austrian theory of the business cycle.


07/16/08 – Mark Thornton – The Scott Horton Show

Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, discusses the crime of the Fed’s “bailout” of the big financial institutions and the cronyism between the two, the problems with our fractional reserve system, the destructive consequences of a close state-private business relationship, the perils of inflation on society, the possibility of a catastrophic global dollar sell-off, how our trade deficit is a symptom of the federal budget deficit whereby we flood China with extra dollars to buy our massive debt and the need to turn our mixed economy into a laissez faire market to take the advantage away from big connected business.

MP3 here.