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11/02/10 – Joshua Kors – The Scott Horton Show

Joshua Kors, writer for The Nation, discusses the recent Congressional hearings on bogus “personality disorder” military discharges of injured soldiers, Sergeant Chuck Luther’s Congressional testimony about his confinement and torture for refusing to accept his personality disorder diagnosis, the billions of dollars in health care improperly denied to veterans and how the Pentagon was caught lying about an outreach program that was supposed to help veterans without medical care.


04/22/10 – Joshua Kors – The Scott Horton Show

Joshua Kors, writer for The Nation, discusses the military’s fraudulent “personality disorder” discharges that deprive injured soldiers of benefits and medical care, Sergeant Chuck Luther’s mistreatment and effective incarceration by Army doctors, how the Pentagon has saved an estimated 12 billion dollars by denying care to 22,600 soldiers since 2001 and how the Feres Doctrine limits malpractice lawsuits against military doctors.


09/23/08 – Joshua Kors – The Scott Horton Show

Joshua Kors, reporter for The Nation, discusses the unbelievable lengths to which the U.S. government will go in order to avoid and delay providing medical and disability benefits to the soldiers who fight their wars for them, the stories of Spc. Town and Sgt. Jimenez, the unbelievable numbers of men coming home Shell Shocked and committing suicide (17 per day on average, and already a greater number than those killed during the Iraq occupation), the methods by which the VA hides the true numbers, private, and local and state government attempts to fill the gap, serious attempts by some in congress to try to do close some of the VA’s loopholes and some of the various veterans groups working to help each other out.