01/17/09 – Joshua Frank – The Scott Horton Show

Joshua Frank, contributor to Antiwar.com, Counterpunch and DissidentVoice, and co-editor (with Jeffery St. Clair) of Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland, discusses the continuing need for a political realignment against empire, the dangers associated with Obama's stated intentions of saving it while many former antiwar voices are diluted by love for the new emperor.

12/13/07 – Joshua Frank – The Scott Horton Show

Joshua Frank, discusses his hope for a new realignment of the best parts of the left, right and libertarians in order to end the empire and protect the Bill of Rights, the majority of the antiwar left's refusal to reach out to the antiwar right and libertarians, the inability of the modern Marxist ideology to appeal to the young, their increasing irrelevance in the face of the Ron Paul Revolution, its importance to the overall antiwar movement and a message to Ralph Nader.

07/26/07 – Joshua Frank – The Scott Horton Show

Joshua Frank, co-editor of DissidentVoice.org and author of Left-Out!: How Liberals Helped Re-elect George W. Bush, discusses the impending global tyranny of a Hillary Clinton administration, her association with war criminals such as Richard Holbrooke, the sad fact that most little d-democrats out there will vote for her anyway and some serious flaws in our electoral system.