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06/23/11 – Joe Meadors – The Scott Horton Show

Joe Meadors, a crew member of the USS Liberty during the infamous Israeli attack in 1967, discusses his decision to join the current aid flotilla to Gaza; Israel’s defenders who claim there are other means to supply Gaza – with Israel as intermediary – though those supplies never seem to get in; the US government taking Israel’s side in all matters, in 1967 as well as now; the hardships endured by Gazans subject to blockade; and the conspicuously missing US rhetoric for democratic regime change in Gaza.


07/19/10 – Joe Meadors – The Scott Horton Show

Joe Meadors, former US Navy signalman and survivor of both the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and on the Gaza Peace Flotilla, describes the details of the Liberty assault, why they believe it was intentional, the recall of the USS Saratoga‘s fighters twice that day from assisting the Liberty on orders from Lyndon Johnson, the massive cover-up, why the Israelis were unable to sink the ship despite their best efforts, different theories on the Israeli’s motivations, his motive for participating in the Gaza Peace Flotilla, the violent, though not deadly, raid on the ship he was on, the mistreatment of the kidnapped while in Israeli custody, the murder of American Farouk Dogan and the American politicians’ silence.