09/22/09 – Jim Bovard – The Scott Horton Show

Jim Bovard, author of Attention Deficit Democracy, discusses the post 9/11 roundup and detention of innocents, the FBI practice of searching the phonebook to find Muslim 'suspected terrorists,' the minor immigration violations turned into long prison terms through coerced confessions, how John Ashcroft expanded the definition of 'treason' to include criticism of government actions and the persistence of 'sovereign immunity' claims in the post-Enlightenment Western world.

10/22/08 – Jim Bovard – The Scott Horton Show

Jim Bovard, author of many great books, most recently Attention Deficit Democracy, discusses America's abandonment of law and rising police state, many people's need to identify with a savior, the benefits of the Ron Paul candidacy, the story behind the Republicans failure to remove Bill Clinton from power in 1998, the continuing failure of the corporate media and the hope for a more humble foreign policy with Obama.

10/03/06 – Jim Bovard – The Scott Horton Show

My good friend Jim Bovard, author of Lost Rights, Freedom in Chains, The Fair Trade Fraud, Shakedown, Feeling Your Pain, Terrorism and Tyranny, The Bush Betrayal and Attention Deficit Democracy, joins me for an hour or so on the KAOS Report to talk about the decent of the United States into a third-world dictatorship.

12/14/03 – James Bovard – The Scott Horton Show

Philip Dru interviews James Bovard, an award winning journalist, columnist, and author who writes for the Future of Freedom Foundation, and has been published in many major newspapers, as well as written the books:  Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty, Shakedown: How the State Screws You from A to Z, Freedom in Chains: The Rise of the State & The Demise of the Citizen, and Terrorism and Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice, and Peace to Rid the World of Evil, about the war...