11/25/09 – Jeff Huber – The Scott Horton Show

Regular Antiwar.com writer Jeff Huber discusses his article 'Dumb and Dumber Wars,' the vulnerability of remote military outposts in Afghanistan, the folly of sending additional troops to support the corrupt Karzai government, the U.S. bombing campaign that eviscerated al-Qaeda and how Obama’s unwise campaign rhetoric tied his hands on foreign policy.

09/09/09 – Jeff Huber – The Scott Horton Show

Regular Antiwar.com columnist Jeff Huber discusses Bob Dole’s cheerleading for a 2012 Gen. Petraeus presidential candidacy, the constantly shifting Pentagon war slogans that distract attention from policy failures, why Obama can’t back down in Afghanistan after eschewing the Iraq war, how civilian-led nation building creates more targets for 'insurgents' and Gen. McChrystal’s tough transition from assassination squad leader to civilian casualty handwringer.

03/04/09 – Jeff Huber – The Scott Horton Show

Jeff Huber, regular Antiwar.com columnist, discusses the confusion among U.S. policy makers on Afghanistan strategy, the excessive praise given Gen. Petraeus for producing a temporary stalemate by bribing Iraqi Sunnis, the re-branding of Gen. Ray Odierno as a strategic mastermind and the slippery slope of extended Iraq withdrawal deadlines.

09/29/08 – Jeff Huber – The Scott Horton Show

Jeff Huber, blogger at Pen and Sword and At-Largely and author of Bathtub Admirals, discusses the empire’s disaster in Iraq, the danger of the Afghan occupation spreading into Pakistan, the unconstitutional 'war powers act,' the difficulty of being an empire with no one but defenseless people to fight, the John McCain pathology of trying to win the Vietnam war by killing Iraqis, the so-called clash of civilizations and the pure evil that is Dick Cheney.