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04/13/12 – Jean MacKenzie – The Scott Horton Show

Jean MacKenzie, senior correspondent for GlobalPost, discusses her article on why the March 11 Kandahar massacre is much more surprising to Americans than Afghans; the success of US night raids in killing mid-level Taliban commanders – who are quickly replaced by younger, more hardcore fighters; the lack of a US endgame strategy, other than spinning withdrawal as a “victory;” and Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s odds of survival without US backing.


09/25/09 – Jean MacKenzie – The Scott Horton Show

Jean MacKenzie, Afghanistan reporter for GlobalPost.com, discusses how the Taliban protection racket takes a cut of U.S. reconstruction funds, the Afghan dislike of (even the kinder, gentler U.S. version) all foreign occupations, the Afghanistan opium trade that is too deeply entrenched to stop and Gen. McChrystal’s assessment that 500 thousand more troops will be needed over 5 years.