11/01/11 – James Ostrowski – The Scott Horton Show

James Ostrowski discusses why Ron Paul's electoral chances are much better than four years ago, thanks to his grassroots support and the clownish field of Republican primary candidates; how Rick Perry's penchant for shooting himself in the foot could narrow the field down to "plastic man" Mitt Romney and Paul; the politics of fear and bigotry in the Republican Party; Herman Cain's dubious credentials as a Tea Party candidate; and why the 2012 general election is "Ron Paul or not at all" for...

08/27/09 – James Ostrowski – The Scott Horton Show

Buffalo attorney and libertarian activist James Ostrowski discusses his strategy to try to keep the tea parties a libertarian movement, prevent astro-turfing by the war party and find common cause with conservatives out of power, plans for antiwar protests on September 5, how the G.I. bill increased college enrollment, lowered standards and is used to lure young people into the Army.