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06/03/09 – Greg Palast – The Scott Horton Show

Greg Palast, author of Armed Madhouse, discusses the deliberate de-industrialisation of the U.S., big bank paydays in the GM bankruptcy while shareholders and pensioners bleed, the game of international hot-potato being played w/ increasinlgy worthless U.S. dollars, the looting of U.S. by billionaires before the collapse and a look forward to Brazilian model of extreme social and economic disparity.


08/19/08 – Greg Palast – The Scott Horton Show

Greg Palast, reporter for Harper’s magazine and Rolling Stone, explains how the primary goal of oil companies is to use the war power of the national governments to restrict supplies in order to artificially increase the price of oil, the consequences of the war in Iraq on the price we pay, the fight over control of Caspian oil in the Georgian conflict, the chicken-egg argument about the role of the oil companies and the Pentagon itself in pushing all this imperial expansion, the hidden government taxation in your price of gas per gallon, the truth that the taxpayer bailouts of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are ultimately bailouts for foreign holders of U.S. debt rather than home owners, and his new project “Steal Back Your Vote.”

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09/21/07 – Greg Palast – The Scott Horton Show

Investigative reporter and author Greg Palast explains how Bush’s prop Sheikh Abu Risha was a nobody before he got blown up, how the real power among the Sunni tribal leaders operate and the ease with which they dominate the al Qaeda in Mesopotamia types, the horrible ethnic cleansing of Shia by the newly U.S. backed Sunni insurgency in Anbar, the proxy war for control of OPEC, the battle between the neocons and the oilmen, why he thinks there won’t be a war with Iran and the kid that got tasered for asking Kerry questions out of Armed Madhouse.