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08/22/12 – Giorgio Cafiero – The Scott Horton Show

Giorgio Cafiero of Foreign Policy in Focus discusses how Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s support for Syria’s rebellion has alienated Turkey’s own religious minorities; how Syrian President Assad uses the Kurds to retaliate and stir up trouble for Turkey; US interest in realpolitik, not humanitarian relief, in Syria; how a Sunni-dominated government in Syria would tilt regional power toward Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood, marginalizing Iran; why Syria’s rebels should have used nonviolent opposition instead of taking up arms; and the Iraqi refugees in Syria returning home – and not because Iraq is suddenly prosperous and safe.


06/11/12 – Giorgio Cafiero – The Scott Horton Show

Foreign Policy in Focus contributor Giorgio Cafiero discusses his article “Resurgent Arab Nationalism in Egypt;” a history lesson on Gamal Abdel Nasser and Egypt’s non-aligned independence during the Cold War; US support for the Muslim Brotherhood as a bulwark against Arab nationalism; how Egypt was brought under US influence after the 1973 Yom Kippur War demonstrated the power of Arab unity against Israel; the current runoff presidential election in Egypt, which does not include the popular 3rd place nationalist candidate Hamdeen Sabahi; the big divide between supporters of an Egyptian Islamic state and those preferring an inclusive secular state; and why the Muslim Brotherhood won’t push the military out of politics – which means no foreign policy changes or major rifts with Israel.