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The Scott Horton Show 9/12/12

Today on The Scott Horton ShowListen Live  -Acclaimed journalist Eric Margolis will be on to talk about the two big stories of the last 24 hours: the revelation that FDR administration helped cover up Soviet war crimes during WWII; and the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. Libertarian author Anthony Gregory will be on to talk about the drug war, both from the left perspective and the right perspective.

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8/24/12 Eric Margolis

American Raj author Eric Margolis discusses what Ethiopian Prime Minister/Dictator Meles Zenawi’s death means for the country’s future; the US’s “mission creep” of fighting terrorism in Africa; why third world revolutionaries would benefit from studying Western public relations strategies; and how US intervention in Syria risks serious conflict with Russia, and should be avoided.


7/9/12 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis discusses why Yasser Arafat’s unexplained death in 2004 was probably caused by Polonium 210 poisoning; Israel’s penchant for using rather exotic poisons for assassinating enemies; and the 2006 murder of Russian FSB agent Alexander Litivenko.