The Antiwar Comic: Interventionists Vacations

You know, all these Interventionists who claim to free countries---  Do they actually visit the countries they "free"?  Of course not.  It would be something like this comic up here.  And speaking of which, today's Antiwar Comic features a familiar face. For more comics visit.

The Antiwar Comic: The Last Letter

I was really moved by the plight of Tomas Young.  I remember Bush's speech after 9/11 and all I could think was, "Crap, this is going to stir things up.  Of all the shifty politicians to get so high and mighty---  This can't be good."  I've tried to talk a few people out of joining the military.  Was successful at least once.  Anyhow, you have to admire a guy that goes through this and comes around.  It's a shame he had to go through such pain. For more comics visit the Webcomic...

The Antiwar Comic: War Crimes Paradox

Bradley Manning is getting a push these days with the trial heating up.  (Although, who really knows what's going on when they won't let the crowd-funded stenographer in.) Let's all hope Bradley goes free.  If not after this trial, maybe he'll get pardoned after the next presidential election. For more comics visit:

The Antiwar Comic: Sexy, Sexy War

I think I wrote this right around the time of the second or third Transformers movie.  I forget which one, but it's the one that turns into a commercial for Navy Seals about two thirds of the way through.  It annoys the Hell out of me that movie theaters play this elaborate commercials for the military and that I paid for those commercials.  Why does the Army need to recruit?  Shouldn't the "threat" to our country be enough incentive?  Of course, there's no real threat, which is why they...