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09/05/08 – Christopher Ketcham – The Scott Horton Show

Freelance reporter Christopher Ketcham discusses the FBI’s alleged case against Bruce Ivins, the under-whelming amount of evidence against him such as the spontaneous silica phenomenon, the suppressed letter from the culprit, the state’s covert development of weaponized anthrax just before the attacks, the decisive role of the anthrax attacks in passing the Patriot Act and waging all out war after 9/11 and how the FBI “solved” the case by pushing Ivins to kill himself.

MP3 Here.


06/02/08 – Christopher Ketcham – The Scott Horton Show

Freelance reporter Christopher Ketcham, author of a new piece called “The Last Roundup” for Radar magazine, discusses the “Continuity Of Government” (COG) plan to keep government operating after a national emergency such as a nuclear strike, effectively suspending the Constitution and turning the country into a fascist military dictatorship, the history of COG going back to the Cold War and it’s partial implementation after 9/11, DHS’s “Main Core” and other databases and lists of dissidents kept ready by the government, the measures in place for total police state after the next crisis, the pending collapse of America resulting from the suicide-pact with the military industrial complex and the possibilities to reverse this course.


02/14/08 – Christopher Ketcham – The Scott Horton Show

Christopher Ketcham, a freelance reporter and writer for many venues including Antiwar.com, discusses modern American secessionist movements like the Second Vermont Republic, the drawbacks of centralized power and possible pitfalls of radical decentralization, his upcoming article for Radar about federal plans for martial law and upcoming movie about corruption in Brooklyn.