06/24/10 – Bruce Schneier – The Scott Horton Show

Internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier discusses Joe Lieberman’s proposal for an internet 'kill switch,' why shutting down the internet during a crisis would cause more harm than good and how controversial websites like WikiLeaks use data redundancy spread out in different countries to prevent being shut down.

04/10/08 – Bruce Schneier – The Scott Horton Show

Bruce Schneier, cryptographer, computer security specialist, writer, and author, discusses the Justice Department's bogus prosecutions of barely-terrorists in the JFK, Ft. Dix, Lackawanna, Miami and other cases, the increasing danger to Americans' liberties due to the large numbers of new Joint Terrorism Task Forces across the country and their temptation to entrap the innocent, the rise of the domestic security industrial complex, the economics of airline security, information as the answer...