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08/14/12 – Alfred McCoy – The Scott Horton Show

History professor Alfred McCoy discusses how the Bush and Obama administrations have created a torture regime with “impunity at home, rendition abroad;” Bush’s policy change after the Iraq Abu Ghraib embarrassment, when Iraqis and Afghans took over torture duty and American soldiers kept their mouths shut about it; the pathology of impunity that’s endemic among high government officials; the torture debate between FBI agent Ali Soufan and Dick Cheney/CIA; and how universal jurisdiction could reign in US lawlessness.


April 25 – Today on Antiwar Radio

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Andy Worthington, Alfred McCoy, Alex Kane

Today on Antiwar radio with Scott Horton:

Andy Worthington will be on to discuss the latest Wikileaks revelations on Gitmo.


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Bio: Andy Worthington is a British freelance investigative journalist, author and filmmaker, specializing in Guantánamo and the “War on Terror,” but also covering revolutionary movements in the Middle East, and UK politics. He writes regularly for newspapers and websites including the Guardian, Truthout, Cageprisoners, and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He also write occasionally for the Daily Star, Lebanon, the Huffington Post, Antiwar.com, CounterPunch, AlterNet, and ZNet.

His website – http://www.andyworthington.co.uk/ – is one of the top 100 world politics blogs, was archived by the British Library in January 2011, and receives around 250,000 page views every month.

Alfred McCoy will be on to discuss his latest piece, Washington on the Rocks: An Empire of Autocrats, Aristocrats, and Uniformed Thugs Begins to Totter

Bio: Alfred W. McCoy is professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a TomDispatch regular, and author most recently of the award-winning book, Policing America’s Empire: The United States, the Philippines, and the Rise of the Surveillance State. He has also convened the “Empires in Transition” project, a global working group of 140 historians from universities on four continents.

Alex Kane will be on to discuss his latest piece How Your Tax Dollars Fuel the Hatred of Muslims.

Bio: Alex Kane is a blogger and journalist for the Indypendent, a free New York City-based newspaper, and a frequent contributor to the blog Mondoweiss. His work has appeared in Electronic Intifada, Common Dreams, Palestine Chronicle, Red Pepper (UK), and Extra!. His blog is http://alexbkane.wordpress.com/.


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04/25/11 – Alfred McCoy – The Scott Horton Show

Alfred McCoy, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses his article on the US empire of failed states at TomDispatch; the post-WWII breakup of European empires into 100 new countries, shifting the balance of world power; how empires require cooperative foreign elites to keep the natives under control; the transition from imperial Britain’s dominant naval power to US air supremacy, which requires many more military bases (which are slipping away as the US loses its empire mojo); and how competition from BRICS and the global economy make US client states less dependent on their benefactor.