02/02/12 – Adam Kokesh – The Scott Horton Show

Adam Kokesh discusses the Veterans For Ron Paul - March on the White House event on February 20th http://www.dailypaul.com/207032/february-20th-veterans-for-ron-paul-to-march-on-the-white-house; CNN's infamous live-feed cutout during an interview with Ron Paul supporter Cpl. Jesse Thorsen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Hfpt4sxpPo at the Iowa caucuses; and how the press minimizes Paul's military support (more donations than all other candidates combined, including Barack Obama).

12/26/11 – Adam Kokesh – The Scott Horton Show

Adam Kokesh discusses his Adam vs The Man YouTube channel; how foreign news (like Russia Today and Press TV) cut through US government propaganda, even if they are state-run news agencies; why online media broadcasting is the wave of the future; rehashing the "Ron Paul is a racist" allegations; how you can help Ron Paul win the Iowa caucuses by giving a speech; and why the GOP will quickly align against Paul after he wins a primary.

10/07/09 – Adam Kokesh – The Scott Horton Show

New Mexico Republican Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh discusses the voter’s remorse felt by antiwar Obama supporters, how Christian Just War theory can turn conservatives against the Afghanistan war, the tiresome 'can’t let the troops die in vain' argument and the wide divide between Republican national leadership and the party’s grassroots.