Yes, I Have More to Say

by | May 28, 2008 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

I have been asked by readers for more analysis of what happened at the Denver Libertarian Convention. I have some more to say, but I need a few days to formulate my ideas (and I am busy with other things). For now, I will say that I am neither thrilled with the LP’s direction nor as crestfallen as many of my ideologically radical brethren. While we all must make our own choices about how to promote liberty, the struggle for liberty transcends party and faction, and we will also never agree on all the choices made by others. May we diplomatically and seriously offer constructive, principled criticism to our fellow travelers, may those of us who understand the centrality of principle never concede an inch to the state, may we reach out to the public as we also strengthen the remnant, may we resist the traps of both self-defeating sectarianism and impractical pragmatism, may we be civil and keep our eye on the real prize and the true enemy, and may we let a hundred flowers bloom for the cause of liberty. Our work for freedom is the cause of civilization, life, law and human flourishing. Whether people of good conscience see a given event as a setback or a breakthrough, let us remember that our struggle began many centuries ago upon the discovery of individual rights as an idea, our struggle continues in every small and large battle of the day, and our struggle shall not end until state oppression is abolished and all humanity is set free.