Where Are You Now, When We Need You Most, Rage Against The Machine?

by | Jun 6, 2007 | Stress Blog

From the Onion:

Now, of all times, we look to you for clear-eyed articulation of the fucked-up world we live in. The people of the sun still labor in Mexico, but no one plays bass about their struggles! Mumia sits in prison, yet no one sings for his freedom. What do we hear? Silence. You’ve abandoned us in our hour of need. How could you? Everywhere: exploitation. Where’s the rock?

You summed it up so clearly in “Fistful Of Steel” when you sang, “If the vibe was suicide, then you would push da button, but if you’re bowin’ down, then let me do the cuttin’.” You lifted the nation’s youth up out of the mire and taught us to question, to act. Rage Against The Machine, come back. Bring us more slamming riffs and sonic wallop. Bring us more shredding and axing. Do that thing where you make your guitar sound like bagpipes.

More from the Onion:

A secession movement has been gaining traction in the state of Vermont. What do you think?


Young WomanLivia Hawkins,
Systems Analyst
“I have to say, the thought of having a foreign country so close to American soil makes me very, very nervous.”




Black ManKurt Isaacs,
Apartment Maintenance
“There’s only one way to stop this seditious maneuver, and that’s for Subaru to refuse to sell Vermonters any more station wagons.”



Young ManWalt Boelter,
“Hey Vermont, remember what happened the last time someone seceded? The army marched through their states and burned everything to the ground. And the South wasn’t high all the time.”




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