Wednesday night notes

Ron Paul will be on the Daily Show and the Stephen Cobert Report.

I remember when John Stossell was on the Daily Show. John Stewart–funny and smart as he is about many things–treated Stossell like a turd. Hopefully he will give Dr. Paul more resect.

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Apostropher is a friend of mine, and cranks out a truly GREAT BLOG (although he tends to be a little lefty sometimes). Still, check it out for laughs over his coverage of “weird news” as well as sometimes insightful commentary on foreign policy.

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The Bilderberg Group is going to be meeting in Istanbul, May 31 to June 3, this year. My suspicion is that they are up no good.

* * * * * * *

Woman “upbeat” after internal decapitation. I don’t know about you, but nearly losing my head wouldn’t exactly make me upbeat. I’d be pretty wigged out, for various reasons

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A very good article in Wired about my Hero, Elon Musk, who will one day revolutionize space travel, and not a moment too soon. One day, earth people who love freedom won’t be finding it on Earth, but out there in the black.

After all, there are probably thousands of rocks floating around out there, each with the surface area of Rhode Island and the mineral wealth of North America.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday night notes”

  1. Gregory Purcell

    After I watched the daily show coverage of the 2nd GOP debate I went over to the daily show message boards to complain about their glaring omission of the only part of the debate which resembled a debate and to my pleaser I found the daily shows boards had been taken over by Ron Paul supporters demanding they invite Ron Paul it was great.

  2. Gregory Purcell

    Invitees will have all their expenses paid and receive a $1,000 honorarium

    I Guess that’s the price you can sell your soul for theses days.

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