Wayne Allyn Root on the Liberated Space

by | Jul 19, 2007 | Stress Blog | 16 comments

Root is not afraid of taking hard questions. He is wrong on the war but no wimp.  Be polite and to the point.  I will start taking questions at a quarter till.  See Steve C.’s post for the link.  I’m at work and no damn time to screw around. 

Update: This interview illuminates the differences between modal libertarians*and Rothbardian Anarchism without ever mentioning a word about theory.  And, yes, Wayne, we are that far apart.  Peace.

Go listen to the Kubby/Smith debate from last week while Horton fixes the magic plastic box.

*De Coster is not fair to Kubby but her description in the first paragraph is true of many ‘libertarian reformers.’