Things I didn’t get a chance to complain about on the show this week

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Stress Blog

1: Surging on to Africa.

2: The Israelis have been busted again for what you already knew about their edge-of-starvation policy in Gaza. Also, here‘s about Israeli society moving even further to the religious and nationalist right. Ariel Sharon’s idea that the U.S. should take out Gaddafi isn’t working out as planned. And here, be careful trying to deliver aid to Gaza. The IDF might just murder you.

3: Here, in another big fake entrapment case, the FBI set up a stupid kid to “bomb” the NY Fed. You know, so you’d like the poor Fed better.

4: Obama’s jihadists in Libya. A bunch of great guys. They have everything well in hand. I told ya a year and a half ago that a thing was going to happen that would “necessitate” further intervention in Libya. Well, again it was September 11th that has changed everything.

5: Okay, so the United States is fighting for al Qaeda in Iraq against Bashar al-Assad in Syria because that’s what Israel wants. Meanwhile the government America just fought an 8 year war in Iraq against al Qaeda in Iraq and it’s allies to install because that’s what Israel wanted is fighting against America and it’s al Qaeda in Iraq allies in Syria because that’s what Iran wants. Just so everyone’s clear on that.

6: Hurry and get a passport before you have to escape America like an East German?

7: U.S. no longer claiming slaughtered little Afghan children were deserving Taliban fighters. Very nice.

8: Iran sanctions are murder.

9: Jack Hunter is great when he’s not shilling for Rand.

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