The Time’s Square Car Bomb was Not a WMD

by | May 6, 2010 | Stress Blog | 3 comments

President Obama’s US Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that the botched car bomb that fizzled in Times Square was a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).

The problem is that a case was made that the existence of WMD’s in a country halfway across the world led by a crazed dictator with a score to settle with the US, created a clear and present danger to the safety of Americans, and thus warranted unprecedented proactive military invasion, occupation, and removal of that leader at near crippling cost in money and treasure to the taxpayers of this country.

The fact that the basis for the claim of WMD’s was a lie and that he never had them is tertiary to this argument, because just as in economics ‘value’ is determined by what another is willing to pay, America has defined WMD as that which it is willing to break all of the rules and invade and occupy another country for.

What Attorney General Eric Holder has done is to cheapen that and in the process diminish the value of the lives of US servicemen who gave their lives in what they thought was in defense an existential threat to our own security and safety. If we now reserve the right to use our overwhelming military force for every car bomb or the the fertilizer and diesel that are used to make a car bomb, for any occurrence in any country in the world, then they will have no choice but to view us as fleeting and unstable threat to their existence. We will become the country to fear. A country that if left unchecked, will continue to lead the world to war or destroy its economy, and must be hobbled and reeled in with a new Treaty of Versailles.