The Subjective Theory of Value

by | Mar 13, 2010 | Stress Blog

Mr. Horton,

My name is **** and I am a graduate of VMI (Jacob Hornberger’s alma mater) and a 1LT in the U.S. Army stationed at Fort [something, USA.]

I want to thank you and also encourage you and your colleagues at AntiWar Radio and to continue to do OUTSTANDING WORK. I rarely miss any of the AntiWar podcasts on my drive to and from the empire’s training ground (work). Additionally, my current mornings consist of reading a few more pages of Human Action immediately followed by using my government computer in my own government office to read LRC and AntiWar. It is also worth noting that there is another LT who just left my company to take another position who is as radically opposed to the state and like me is an ardent proponent of anarcho-capitalism.

I say this, again, to enourage you. I come to work, sit at my desk and leave work incredibly cynical as an Army Officer who regrets his service. And I am sure you feel the same sometimes as you for instance have to debunk, yet again, Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

You do make a difference. AntiWar makes a difference… even with those in the military.

I wish I could walk away from my (illegal) contract right now. However, You, LRC, FFF,, have all greatly contributed to my (and many others) maturation in understanding true liberty and sound economics as I (and others) prepare to NOT make another poor decision to serve the state after the military. You are helping us lay the groundwork for a new generation to make part of their new (private) careers commensurate with beating back the state.

Thank you.

[Name withheld]

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