The Show: Steve Clemons and Declan McCullagh

by | Oct 9, 2008 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

Steve Clemons and Declan McCullagh will be the featured guests on the Scott Horton Show at Antiwar Radio on Thursday, October 9th.

Clemons will discuss Israel and Pakistan at 12:15PM Eastern and McCullagh will discuss his recent article published on, ‘Government report: Data mining doesn’t work well’ at 1:15PM Eastern.

Steve Clemons is a former staff member to Senator Jeff Bingaman who is best known for his blog The Washington Note and serves as the Director of the American Strategy Program at the New American Foundation. Declan McCullagh is an award-winning journalist for CNET’s who often writes about computer security and privacy issues while serving as CNET’s chief political correspondent.

The Scott Horton Show airs Monday through Friday from 12PM-2PM Eastern on KAOS 92.7FM. Additional feeds are available at Antiwar Radio.