The Show: Jon Eisenberg

by | Jul 14, 2008 | Stress Blog | 18 comments

Jon Eisenberg will be the featured guest on the Scott Horton Show at Antiwar Radio, Tuesday, July 15 at 1:30PM Eastern.

Jon Eisenberg will discuss his latest article on, ‘Suing George W. Bush: A bizarre and troubling tale.’

Jon Eisenberg is a published author on legal matters. He is a partner at the law firm, Eisenberg and Hancock, LLP in San Francisco. Among his published books include, Using Terri: The Religious Right’s Conspiracy to Take Away Our Rights and The Right vs. the Right to Die: Lessons from the Terri Schiavo Case and How to Stop It from Happening Again.

The Scott Horton Show airs Monday through Friday from 12PM-2PM Eastern on KAOS 92.7FM. Additional feeds and archives available at Antiwar Radio.