The Show: Christopher Ketcham

Christopher Ketcham will be the featured guest on the Scott Horton Show at Antiwar Radio, Monday, May 5, at 1:15PM Eastern.

Christopher Ketcham will be discussing his recent article in Radar Magazine, “The Last Roundup.”

Christopher Ketcham is a freelance reporter and writer for many venues including, Harper’s, GQ, the Nation, Salon, Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Good Magazine, Radar, and National Geographic. In 2002, he was selected as a Livingston Awards finalist for his coverage on the 9/11 attacks in New York.

Update: Rescheduled for Wednesday.

The Scott Horton Show airs Monday through Friday from 12PM-2PM Eastern on KAOS 92.7FM. Additional feeds and archives available at Antiwar Radio.

17 thoughts on “The Show: Christopher Ketcham”

  1. stevec

    For decades the federal government has been developing a highly classified plan that would override the Constitution in the event of a terrorist attack. Is it also compiling a secret enemies list of citizens who could face detention under martial law?

    (Above from the Article)

    AWESOME! Do you think we could get a copy of the Secret Enemies List (or at least find out of we are on it) from a FOIA Request?

    You said what – 20 or 25 people were at your lecture at UT….. Y’think maybe one or two were gov ops writing down the names of the others who attended your speech so they could be rounded up when the time comes?

    Note: I aint going peacefully…. I don’t own a gun…. But I may start practicing with my crossbow just in case those bastards come for me and my family…. and whenever they have a can – can sale I’m ordering my wife to stock up on the corned beef hash in case we have to bunker down for a little while…. Also – I forced my kids to watch Red Dawn!

  2. Anders

    I guess the thinking behind it is this, – The US is targeted for attack because of it’s freedoms and values, the governments idea is to take as much freedom away from the people as possible, then the terrorists won’t have any excuses to hate and attack the US ….. it’s genius really.

  3. evilpaul

    Anders, I argued that back when the Rudy Ghouliani vs. Dr. Paul thing happened. Ghouliani wasn’t a lying, demagoging, crypto-fascist goon. He was actually a sincere and well-meaning, anti-freedom, true American. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyone happen to see Hillary babbling on CNN right now? I thought Obama was condescending, but wow! There was some serious projection going on with regards to China too. It’s like Scott and his guests frequently say…these people who are going to wind up weilding the most power in the history of the Earth are really fucking stupid. Incredibly so!

  4. evilpaul

    The War on Terror: Battling windmills with nuclear fucking weapons since 2001! (Put a old cartoon style picture of a guy giving a thumbs up, maybe with an army bucket helmet, and you’ve got one awesome bumper-sticker.)

  5. Bob Bogus

    Dang, sorry to hear about that. Hope he gets better. I gotta hit the road Wed. Hopefully will catch Christopher Catch’em in the archive.

  6. Bob Bogus

    You got to wonder just how long the Amerikan middle class will tolerate their rulers stealing money out of their paychecks and using it to kill people all over the world. Will the Sheeple ever wake up?

  7. Anders

    was there a show today ? …. it been bank holiday monday over here and i have been thinking it’s sunday all day, forgot to tune in, doh!

  8. evilpaul

    Bob, we’re just pitching in our fair share to bring freedom and liberation to the rest of the world. Nothing to complain about.

    I missed the show today too, and the archive thing isn’t working ๐Ÿ™

  9. Michael

    Thanks for posting your full radio shows on the Kaos website. They help me get to sleep at night. Seriously! They are educational and entertaining. Not to mention on Wedsday when you were talking about wheatfields and carbon rods–then back to Jerimiah Wright, I was cracking up all day about that. I love it when you go off on the idiot mainsteam media and the government as well. Sometimes what you say is comedic funny, then at times it is scary as in it’s time for the American public to get off their fat consumer asses and do something. Great show as always!

  10. Bob Bogus

    >was there a show today ? รขโ‚ฌยฆ. it been bank holiday monday over here

    Bank holiday? Hopefully not due to the subprime meltdown…

    You missed Christopher Ketcham but we all did because he was sick and couldn’t make it. But you can catch’em (oh, that’s bad) on Wednesday.

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